The attic is one of the most common areas for mold growth, and most people don’t find out until they try to sell their home, improve their insulation and be informed by the building inspector or insulation installer. We can help you by safely removing mold from the attic and correcting the source of the cause permanently and guaranteedly. Discharge certificates and warranties will provide peace of mind for the owner and buyer.

To make sure we’re on the same wavelength, if your attic looks like one of the following, it’s that it’s mold:

Causes of mould in the attic


water damage and excessive humidity cause mold and it’s no different in the attic. Most of the time, condensation occurs in your attic due to ventilation problems that in turn cause leakage and moisture. This causes mold, wood rot and water damage inside. Over time, mold develops and if left untreated, it becomes a big problem if left untreated.

The image below illustrates the problem on the right, with the ideal house on the left.

Each house was built with a specific roof ventilation calculation to ensure adequate ventilation. Sometimes homeowners will add new features to the home, such as installing drains in the bathroom or improving insulation. These changes will affect air circulation and create moisture so that attic mold starts to rot the sheet metal on your roof.


I bought a house and my building inspector found mold in the attic, is it dangerous? What should I do?


Attic mould is the cause of a breakdown of the attic, depending on how easily it can be corrected and restore the wood to a new state. In some rare and extreme situations, the only solution is to replace the roof sheet. Let’s face it, no one enters the attic, so most people are convinced that this condition exists. In fact, the condensation that creates attic mold only occurs in very cold weather and not all year round. The buyer and seller can solve the problem by correcting the source and removing mold with the help of a mold clean-up company like ours.
I’m selling my house and the buyers’ inspector found mold in my attic, what should I do?

It’s not your fault, we understand, no one checks their attic unless there’s a problem, and everyone would have fixed it if they had known. More often than not, the contractor you used misinformed you, didn’t do their job properly or lied to you. We can find the cause and correct it, permanently remove the mold and provide you with a transferable warranty and a discharge certificate so that you and everyone involved can have peace of mind and know that the problem has been treated professionally and sleep peacefully. Call us, it’s a free inspection without any conditions.

What if I don’t remove mold from the attic?


The mould of the attic is the effect of condensation of the attic (excessive humidity). Over the years, mould will break down the roof sheet from the inside, causing ripples on the wood (the roof will no longer deform straight) and premature wear of the shingles. Most roofers when replacing shingles describe it as the softness of the wood when they walk, as they cannot see mold growth on the opposite side of the sheet. It is difficult to sell or obtain insurance for any home that contains mold, we advise you to remove it as soon as possible.