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Dorval Decontamination Company

In terms of hygiene of premises in a home, there are specific standards to be respected. Thus, it is important to take the appropriate measures to always keep your living environment healthy. Beyond the regular cleaning you need to do, you should also plan for more complete decontamination work. Also, in the event of claims, it is always more beneficial to call on a company specialized in the field for quality work. Discover the different services offered by your decontamination company in Dorval.

Asbestos decontamination work in Dorval

Your decontamination company will be able to provide you with a personalized and quality asbestos removal service. With the necessary techniques and equipment, the company’s experts get rid of all asbestos fibres. You are then guaranteed an optimal and effective result.

Why remove asbestos?

While asbestos is highly valued for its great ability to promote thermal insulation, it is also vital to rid its premises of this material. Asbestos is a carcinogenic material that can harm your health. In addition, legal provisions exist that require all homeowners to make an asbestos diagnosis of their home.

Thus, it is essential to carry out asbestos removal work not only to preserve your health, but also not to fall under the law. For the maintenance of your attics or for the coatings of your floor, you can call on the professionals to get satisfaction.

How do asbestos removal works be carried out?

Your company’s experts take the necessary security measures to carry out the work. The asbestos removal service begins with a preparation of the premises. The area to be decontaminated is delineated, and airtight areas are constructed to prevent the spread of asbestos fibres once the work has begun.

If you have asbestos tiles,experts install decontamination units to rid your roof of all fibers. With the isolation of your accessories and the cleaning beforehand, you won’t have to worry about asbestos being released into your rooms. At the end of the work, the professionals also take care of the general cleaning of your parts. These provisions provide assurance that the entire area is well decontaminated.

Vermiculite decontamination work in Dorval

It is not uncommon for asbestos-contaminated vermiculite residues to enter your premises. Our professional company, thanks to its experts, also offers suitable services for this disorder.

Why remove vermiculites?

Vermiculites contain asbestos fibres that can cause serious lung disease. Also, when it comes to real estate, having a property infected with the presence of vermiculite is a bad operation. In addition, it is imperative that you rid your commercial premises of vermiculites. Given the risks you face with the presence of vermiculite in your parts, using a qualified structure is a much better alternative.

Thus, entrusting this task to a specialized company ensures that the necessary measures will be taken for a safe and tailored work. Similarly, with this option, you save yourself from possible ailments. When you are concerned about asbestos stuccos also, the experts of our company respond promptly.

Removal of attic and attic vermiculite

To remove attic vermiculites or attic vermiculites,the necessary safe arrangements are provided. To succeed in this operation, experts begin by setting up a temporary corridor to ensure the protection of parts not affected by decontamination. With the right equipment, vermiculite is safely removed.

A diagnosis is made at the end of the work to ensure that the part is fully sanitized and purified. To enjoy good air quality in your parts, it is wise to entrust your work of decontamination or removal of vermiculite to a company of experts.

Mold decontamination work

Moulds that form in buildings or homes are highly harmful. Most commonly found in the damp rooms of your building, moulds are the basis of bad odours that grow back. They can grow in your kitchen, bathroom or garage if you are used to cleaning your vehicle. When mold forms in large quantities and disperses in several rooms of your home, it can cause larger problems,including health problems. These include eye irritation, coughing, runny nose, nausea, vomiting, breathing problems and even fever.

To avoid mould formation or to get rid of it permanently, it is advisable to use a company specializing in the field. The company’s experts will detect all kinds of mould formation with the latest generation of equipment. Then an anti-mould product will be applied to remove all mold. This product will also have a long-term effect to prevent recurrences. Once the work is completed, you will find the pleasure of living and moving freely in each room of your home.

Disaster clean-up work

A disaster happened quickly even when you think you’ve taken all the security measures. These include flooding with water damage, fire or vandalism. Whatever the disaster, it is important to respond promptly and ideally, especially with a good cleanup.

In the case of a flood, for example, our experts are involved in the cleaning of your premises. Water evacuation measures are usually taken to siphon off all the water in your rooms. Quality equipment is used to deodorize and disinfect your premises. By using our cleaning company, you benefit from a quick intervention and quality work.

In the event of a fire,experts also stand by your side. After clearing your building of all the waste from the fire, they will carry out a complete cleaning of the dwelling. Thanks to the high-quality products used during cleaning, you will find the joy of staying in every room of your home. In case of vandalism, you can also benefit from a quality after-sinister cleaning.