Asbestos and vermiculite decontamination in Saint-Eustache

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Having a house is one thing, maintaining it is another. Indeed, to maintain your house which is in Saint-Eustache,it is obviously necessary to carry out some technical examinations whether it is to make your ambient air healthy or to get rid of undesirables. For example, you may decide to remove moldorasbestosfrom your materialsfrom your home. This allows you to live in an environment free of micro fungi harmful to your health and that of your loved ones. This type of work undoubtedly requires the competence of qualified professionals like GESQ who can no longer be presented in this city and in all regions.

Asbestos analysis in Saint-Eustache

Asbestos is a material that is dangerous to health. Indeed, it contains harmful fibers that are capable of causing a lot of diseases to humans. In reality, when you inhale a large amount or not, of these fibers, the probability that you will later suffer from breathing diseases becomes high. It is for this reason that since 2018, this product is prohibited on construction or renovation sites.

To limit the risk of contamination, it is recommended that the owner carry out an asbestos analysis. This is to know the materials in your immediate environment that house an asbestos fort in order to limit the damage. To carry out this kind of analysis, we are your best asset in Saint-Eustache.

Mold analysis in Saint-Eustache

Many people live with mold without perhaps realizing it. This is because mold is home to harmful spores that can cause you health problems if you inhale them. Without you having anything in the old one, you can wake up with throat irritation. This does not mean that mold is necessarily the cause, but, to be sure, you have to do a mold analysis.

If in your home there are damp or poorly ventilated places, it is very likely that mold will grow in these places. These fungi grow in humid or warm spaces. When it appears, you can get rid of it yourself with bleach and water. Nevertheless, it depends on the material on which it is located. The wisest choice to make is to call on our experts to take care of it for you given the danger to which you expose yourself by doing so.

Asbestos air test in Saint-Eustache

Asbestos is a set of tiny particles that you can’t see with the naked eye. There is mainly a way to detect them in a building whether residential, industrial or commercial, it is to call on professionals. These will perform the asbestos air test. This is a test that determines the amount of asbestos present in the ambient air as well as its level of harmfulness to the human body. Asbestosis and respiratory disorder are among the diseases that you could contract just by inhaling this substance. After the test, it would be safer to get rid of it once for good. We are ready to offer you our services with quality, efficiency and professionalism.

Mold air test in Saint-Eustache

Except in case of high concentration and release of a bad smell, it is almost difficult to notice the presence of mold in your cabin. To do this, you can perform a mold air test frequently so that at the onset you can quickly get rid of it. The mold air test has two objectives:

  • That of first indicating the quality of the ambient air of your environment;
  • And that of helping you take the right steps to avoid diseases such as cough and headache that can create harmful mold spores in the second place.

With operations such as impaction samplers, cassette samples and particle collectors, we perform an efficient air test for you.

Vermiculite in Saint-Eustache

Vermiculite is a material widely used for constructions. But it can be dangerous for health, if it is not well embedded in the walls. Clearly, this material contains insulation for the most part harmful to health. For example, it contains asbestos which, as you already know, can be a source of respiratory disease. To put it simply, vermiculite is not a harmful material, but it is the insulation that composes it that represents a danger to health. For this reason, it must be well put in the walls away from touch and gaze.

To this end, it should be noted that any renovation must be carried out by professionals. In reality, it is not recommended to move insulation by yourself. Trust us to accompany you in this kind of work. We will put our expertise and experience at your service to offer you healthy ambient air.

Asbestos and mold decontamination in Saint-Eustache

After carrying out the asbestos air test, it must now be decontaminated. It is a process that takes place over several stages. First, the expert sent to the scene will conduct an air test to ensure the presence or absence of asbestos in the air. If there is asbestos in the air, he must secondly proceed to secure the premises in order to avoid the risk of contamination. Thirdly, it will remove asbestos from the ambient air. The removal is usually done over several days, followed by daily air tests to ensure the effectiveness of the decontamination. Our experts remain available to offer a quality service. Just like the decontamination of asbestos, the decontamination of mold is done in strict compliance with the standards in force. Clearly, after a disaster, your home can be invaded by mold, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can get rid of it.

Decontamination of vinyl tiles that may contain asbestos in Saint-Eustache

There are several types of material analysis that can be used to determine which products may contain asbestos. These include thepre-sales analysis,the analysis of theprivate portions,theasbestos analysis before work / demolition and the technical file. The purpose of these diagnoses is to limit workers’ exposure to asbestos dust. Materials such as vinyl tile may contain asbestos. Decontamination must therefore be carried out in order to limit the risk of diseases that asbestos represents.

Attic mold and place in Saint-Eustache

The attic andattic are two places in your building to be most exposed to moisture. You would probably have noticed that during a flood or sewer backup, the proliferation of algae and microbes in these places usually shows mold. We all know the danger that mold poses to health. Therefore, it is necessary to find effective solutions to maintain the attic and attic in Saint-Eustache. To do this, with regard to the attic it is necessary to:

  • Sprinkle the surface of the roof with bleach or disinfectant;
  • After some time, rinse the debris with water;
  • Limit their appearance by using a long-lasting protective cream.

As for your attic, you must:

  • Clean it with a disinfectant solution;
  • Use long-term solutions;
  • Optimize the ventilation system of your attic;
  • Use a mold inhibitor solution to destroy all infected areas.

To obtain an optimal result, it would be beneficial for you to entrust this task to GESQ’s experts.

Decontamination of animal excrement enters it in Saint-Eustache

Just like asbestos or mold, animal feces are a health hazard. Many houses in Saint-Eustache are stormed by rodents. Indeed, they take up residence there and the droppings accumulate. At a certain level of concentration of the excrement, it is not advisable to carry out the decontamination yourself. To get rid of these feces, what better than to resort to GESQ in Saint-Eustache. If you do it by yourself, you expose yourself to a multitude of diseases because you do not have the right equipment for this kind of work. We offer unparalleled quality service and efficiency.