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Cleaning after a disaster in Montreal:

Case of water damage

Liquid damage and water damage.

Following a disaster such as water damage, it is essential to proceed without waiting to restore the house. Aside from preventing further damage, carrying out clean-up work quickly will also ensure the safety of both the home and everyone who resides there. To benefit from quality work during such circumstances, it would be ideal to contact a structure like GESQ. Thanks to a team made up only of qualified professionals available at all times, this structure located in Montreal offers quality services. Here are the reasons why you should trust this company.

GESQ, the leader in disaster cleanup in Montreal

Thanks to its multiple material and human resources as well as its large-scale network, the GESQ company is able to respond to any emergency call, whatever the day or time. Likewise, when natural disasters such as river overflow or flooding occur, this structure can also intervene in a short time, regardless of the volume of calls.

A wide range of services

Thanks to methods proven over many years and cutting-edge expertise, GESQ has succeeded in establishing itself as a benchmark in the field of cleaning after a disaster. Whether it is a question of water damage, a flood, a tragedy, or damage caused by smoke or fire, this structure will offer the best services. Obviously, the nature of each claim requires very specific expertise. Aware of this state of affairs, this Montreal-based company offers the following services:

  • Carrying out renovation work on a house that has suffered water damage;
    Cleaning of carpets, fabrics and fragile surfaces;
    Cleaning and dry washing of fabrics and clothing;
    Neutralization of various encrusted or ambient odors;
    Carefully restore documents that have been damaged by moisture, liquid or smoke;
    Drainage of materials and structures without first going through demolition.

Customer safety, a priority for GESQ

When a disaster occurs, it is essential to keep in mind that the goods can be replaced or changed later. You should therefore not put your life in danger by trying to save certain goods or objects. It is best in such circumstances to pay attention to your immediate surroundings instead. For example, we must never forget that water does not mix well with electricity. In particular, it could save your life if water damage occurs. Likewise, in the event of a claim, in order to limit the various damages as well as possible, it is advisable to intervene as soon as possible. Aware of this state of affairs, this company quickly sends its teams to the field as soon as it is contacted. Once there, the professionals of this structure get to work without delay and act with the greatest efficiency to ensure the safety of the house concerned as well as that of all of its inhabitants.

Services provided by competent and rapid professionals

Regardless of the extent and the cause of a water damage, the professionals who are part of the team of this structure are aware of the fact that the house and property must be dried as soon as possible. that are there. Once you get in touch with this structure, everything is done to offer you the most adequate solution. This then helps to reduce the damage as much as possible. In addition to the speed of their intervention, the professionals in this structure are also very competent and renowned for the quality of the services they offer. Once their intervention after a water damage ends, the people who use their services manage to find as soon as possible, a comfortable and healthy living environment. In particular, the latter will be free from bacteria or mold that may cause the occurrence of certain health problems.

In short, to benefit from a rapid and effective intervention when you are confronted with water damage, it will suffice to turn to this company. Thanks to a team of serious, competent professionals available at all times, this structure will be able to contain the damage as soon as possible. One phone call is more than enough to bring a team of this company, which has enjoyed an excellent reputation for years, to your home. Given the quality of services offered by GESQ, many insurers in the country are not hesitant to recommend its services to their clients. In addition, aware of the fact that disaster victims generally benefit from adequate protection through insurance coverage, this structure ensures directly with the insurer, the settlement of financial questions in connection with its intervention. By choosing to trust her, she will do everything to make your life easier from start to finish. All traces of the disaster you have suffered will then be quickly erased, without you having to carry out long administrative procedures beforehand.

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