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To keep your work environment (commercial or industrial building) or your residence healthy and clean, you must regularly clean it. Similarly, when you decide to sell your house for example, you are obliged to carry out some decontamination work on the building so that the buyer can fully enjoy his property. To this end, the reference company GESQ specialized in the decontamination of asbestos, vermiculite, mold removal and champions, makes available to the inhabitants of Mirabel its expertise in the field. Discover the services we provide to our customers.

Asbestos analysis in Mirabel

In the past, asbestos was a highly prized material in the construction and renovation industry. However, in recent years, its use has been banned because of the danger that asbestos fibers represent for human health. When you are exposed to these harmful particles for too long, you are under the threat of chronic lung disease. This is why an asbestos analysis of your home is necessary. In the city of Mirabel, Gesq is authorized to perform an asbestos analysis because our company has several years of experience in this field.

Mold analysis in Mirabel

In Mirabel, water damage is not excluded. And one of the consequences of this state of affairs is the development of mold in your building. These fungi affect indoor air quality and lead to acute diseases such as eye irritation and sinus congestion. To get to the heart of it, you must ask Gesq for a mold analysis.

Indeed, being in the business for years, our expertise and the effectiveness of our diagnostics are recognized by all. We promise you an excellent mold analysis service in Mirabel at a competitive price.

Asbestos air test in Mirabel

We are talking about a Gesq service that involves determining whether indoor air is contaminated with asbestos particles. In fact, whether during the removal of asbestos-containing materials or after this work, this test makes it possible to ensure the quality of the decontamination operations.

In addition, if the frame of your Mirabel home contains asbestos, you should remember to do air tests on a regular basis. The goal is to assess how much asbestos particles are in the air you breathe.

In any case, call on our decontamination experts who will help you know if there is an emergency or not.

Mold air test

Mould is the micro fungi that spread quickly and are usually almost invisible to the naked eye. It is often present in a humid environment. When it alters the ambient air through its harmful spores, the environment becomes a danger to human health. Unpleasant odors, blackish stains or visible cracks on the walls are signs of the presence of mold.

It should be noted, however, that the signs are remarkable to the naked eye only after a high concentration of these elements in the air. You should not wait for this before performing the mold air test. The test allows you to prevent the risk of diseases and ensure the presence or absence of mold in the ambient air. Contact our team that operates in Mirabel to benefit from the mold air test.

Vermiculite in Mirabel

Vermiculite is a mineral in the form of granules that play an excellent insulation role. It sports silver-gold and gray-brown colors. The insulating properties prevent it from burning even at a high temperature. Here it is proven that vermiculite does not actually represent a health hazard. However, vermiculite called zonolite and which was used in homes in Mirabel before 1990 contains asbestos. Under these conditions, it is better to call on our certified inspectors who will carry out tests and analyses of the materials to find out if your vermiculite contains asbestos or not.

Asbestos and mold decontamination in Mirabel

For decontamination and mold services in the city of Mirabel, it should be noted that it is mandatory to have GESQ certified experts to take samples of insulating materials in specific areas. Among the different types of asbestos analysis services, we can mention among others:

  • Asbestos analysis before sale;
  • Asbestos analysis of private portions;
  • Asbestos analysis before work or demolition;
  • The asbestos technical sheet.

During their intervention, our experts first detect asbestos. Then they remove all kinds of detected biological pollutants and finally they evaluate the infiltration of harmful gases.

Decontamination of vinyl tiles that may contain asbestos in Mirabel

There are certain materials such as vinyl tile that may contain asbestos. It is up to the homeowner to carry out an asbestos analysis through professionals to prevent the risk of diseases. The new standards governing the safe management of pre-work asbestos analysis limit workers’ exposure to asbestos dust.

Pre-sales analysis is optional, but you are aware that it can demotivate a buyer. In other words, to optimize the value of his property, an owner must have it inspected. During the inspection, the professional takes samples from materials, including vinyl tile. It can also take samples from other materials such as plasters on wooden slats, plasters, electrical wiring, insulation, etc. Gesq’s Wesmount decontamination staff offers you complete satisfaction in this regard.

Attic mold and attic in Mirabel

The health risks are enormous, when mold is present in your home. Generally, the appearance of mold is often due to the condensation of water or moisture in a space such as attic. Mold can cause vermiculite to deteriorate and consequently affect the insulation of your home. Weakening of the roof follows. This in turn causes leaks in places. These leaks affect the integrity of the attic. In addition to these consequences, the harmful spores they emit pose a threat to your health.

The ambient air in your home should be tested, as most harmful substances are invisible to the naked eye. Gesq has all the advanced materials to offer you quality services.

Decontamination of animal excrementin the attic in Mirabel

Animals usually take up residence in the attic. That is why we find their excrement. This state of affairs can have serious threats to health. For example, you are aware that one of the bacterial infections transmitted to humans by these beings is salmonellosis. To avoid this, you may be tempted to do the cleaning yourself. But, it’s dangerous. The best is to call Gesq in Mirabel which has experts in the field. They are well indicated to get rid of these droppings and carry out the decontamination of the premises in a professional manner.