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There are several pollutants that can harm your health and well-being, even while in a building. This is the case for asbestos, vermiculite mold and animal feces. In Boisbriand,this problem arises in a crucial way and it is necessary to call on specialists for Wesmounttesting and decontamination work. For several years, there has been a society that meets the expectations of residents facing this concern in Montérégie or in this city. This is Gesq.

Asbestos analysis in Boisbriand

The main purpose of asbestos testing is toassess the indoor air quality of your home. Our professionals based in Boisbriand or in the Laurentians carry out 4 types of asbestos diagnostics.

First, the analysis of asbestos before the work: we carry it out on the basis of the regulatory texts relating to the safe management of asbestos. It has the advantage of reducing workers’ exposure to asbestos dust through various operations. First, the verification of the presence of asbestos in materials and products likely to contain it. Secondly, therecording and disclosure of information,thirdly, the location of insulation and flocking.

Then, the pre-sale analysis is intended for homes for sale. It is carried out on insulating materials such as vermiculite,and on other materials such as gypsum drywall, ceiling deco moldings, ventilation ducts …

As for the asbestos analysis of private portions,it is intended for private spaces in homes and annexes with a building permit datedJuly 1, 1997. Its purpose is to identify materials containing asbestos substances.

Finally, the asbestos technical file,which includes the results of the analyses carried out.

Mold analysis in Boisbriand

Mold is a great danger to human health. Indeed, one of the favorable conditions for the development of mold in homes is moisture. Inhalation of harmful fungal spores can lead to lung infections and different kinds of allergies. That’s why it’s important to do a mold analysis at times when you live in the Lower Laurentians where flooding is frequent.

Diagnosis takes place in two stages. First, we look for conditions that have favored the proliferation of harmful fungi. Then, we determine the types of mold in question in order to get an idea of the different treatments applicable.

Asbestos air test in Boisbriand

From time to time, you must perform the asbestos air test if you live in Boisbriand to ensure the indoor air quality of your home. For example, you should always realize it after a renovation or following natural disasters.

It is also thanks to this test that you will have an estimate of the amount of asbestos fiber circulating in the house. Our company has the best techniques for carrying out this asbestos air examination. We take various samples at different levels that we analyze in our high-performance laboratory. We also have a special pump with which we professionally collect asbestos fibers.

Mold air test in Boisbriand

Molds are micro fungi invisible to the eye and which grow thanks to moisture. As soon as you see spots of black or brown color on the floor, ceiling or walls, it is proof that mold is a high stage of development. At this level, the risks of lung infections and other threats hover over you and especially for fragile people. The solution to this problem first involves performing a mold air test.

The Gesq Montréal-Laval team is better equipped to satisfy you. To do this, it realizes:

  • Impaction samples;
  • Cassette samples;
  • Collections of asbestos particles.

Vermiculite in Boisbriand

Vermiculite is a multicolored ore (gray-brown and silver-gold) and flat shaped. It is well recommended for thermal insulation of attics. Only, it can contain asbestos. And when you inhale asbestos-like volatile substances, they can stay in your lungs for a long time and cause you diseases like cancer. It is for this reason that we must call the Gesq experts who are in Boisbriand. To begin with, we take vermiculite samples and analyze it in our laboratory to detect the presence of this ore. Finally, we have a perfect mastery of vermiculite decontaminationtechniques.

Asbestos and mold decontamination in Boisbriand

Our skills are not limited to pollutant analysis and testing. We also have outstanding expertise in asbestos and mold decontamination. We offer home disinfection services that take place in several stages.

After an initial test to confirm the presence of asbestos, we proceed to secure the premises,then to the removal of asbestos. After the operation, we always do a final test to check again the rate of presence of asbestos. When it comes to mold removal, we scrupulously follow the steps required by law. And our services have always been well received by our customers.

Decontamination of vinyl tiles that may contain asbestos in Boisbriand

There are many materials that are likely to harbor asbestos fibers. This is the case of vinyl tile. Our company also decontaminates this product, which is very present in the building world, because it contains asbestos. We are regularly solicited by some owners of Boisbriand and surrounding towns to clean up their vinyl tile. In other words, we help you manage the asbestos in your tiles because we have more than two decades on this land.

Attic and attic mold in Boisbriand

Humidity can cause a number of damages to your building, especially your attic and attic. Hold on, you can fall victim to mold and if you do nothing, the ambient air in your home will be stale. In addition, you will face problems with cracks. That is why if you are in such situations, we invite you to contact us as soon as possible for the damage and preserve your health and that of vulnerable people.

After analysis that allows to know the type of mold, we clean the contaminated surfaces with disinfectant. Then we proceed to repair the cracks in the foundation walls in order to improve the insulation.

As for the attic, the presence of mold in this area is usually due to the accumulation of water, plants and some organic matter. This can alter the vermiculite in your attic, and weaken sealing and insulation. Our company also has adapted techniques to solve this kind of problem.

Decontamination of animal excrement in the attic in Boisbriand

Boisbriand is one of Canada’s cities where insects and rodents are present. Some animals take up residence in dwellings and leave large quantities of excrement in the attic. The smell of these droppings is very unpleasant and this can cause health concerns. Wanting to solve this problem yourself exposes you to enormous risks. That’s why you have to contact us. Our raison d’être is the decontamination of animal excrement in this city.