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House work: decontamination and renovation

You plan to undertake renovation work at home. Indeed, you want to give a new look to your decoration or simply in order to renovate your dilapidated habitat. Whether it is small or large work, decontaminating your home is an important step to remove vermiculite. It is important to point out that the latter can be really dangerous to health if there

How to treat and kill attic mold naturally

The growth of mould in an attic is the result of excess moisture. Faulty insulation or roof construction can lead to leaks, and a lack of adequate ventilation can cause moisture to build up. Whatever the cause of the mold in your attic, it is absolutely essential that you take control of the situation immediately. The longer you wait, the more the

Cost of attic decontamination

If you are dealing with a contaminated attic and are about to use professional attic cleaning services or call a professional from the attic, you will probably want to have a better idea of the cost of cleaning and decontaminating the attic. Determining the costs of decontamination attics is not as simple as many people might want. There are a number of

The dangers of vermiculite insulation

What if I occasionally need to go in my attic? EPA and Health Canada can't help but recommend that homeowners make every effort never to disturb vermiculite insulation inside their attics. If you occasionally need to into your attic, current tips state you need to: Make every effort to remain on the floored a part of your attic and also to not

Asbestos decontamination, Montreal Laval

The quality of the air we breathe has an impact on our health and well-being. Air polluted by substances and minerals poses a risk to our health. Asbestos is one of the minerals that would be harmful to health inhalation. Discover in this article the consequences of asbestos and the different techniques used by professionals to decontaminate an asbestos area.   What

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