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How to dry your home

How to dry out your home after water damage or flooding? Drying up a building as a result of flooding or water damage is a tedious operation. Here are some tips to help you accomplish this task. Protect yourself In any water cleaning situation, safety should be your top priority. Get ready for work by making sure the power supply has

Home decontamination

Home decontamination for the effective elimination of all types of situations If you or a family member is experiencing breathing problems, migraines, throat or skin irritation, this could be an indication that contaminants have seeped into your home. In addition to health problems, you may have detected foul odors or soot stains. You could improve your quality of life and give

Types of moulds

Types of mold and mold removal At one time or another, every home can be prone to mold. Many factors can contribute to mold growth, such as a poorly ventilated room or minor flooding in the basement. If you are concerned about mold growth in your home, here are the most common types of mold and how to eliminate them. Types of

Flooding French drain

Flooding French drain Getting to know French drain systems You have all kinds of drains in your home; all sinks and tubs have it, and there's probably a drain near your washer. But did you know that there is a very large drain outside your home? This is called your peripheral drain system or French drain system. If this system does not

What is the role of a drain?

Having your land soggy or water in your basement is not an easy situation. To solve these problems, there are many ways. One of these means is the French drain. This device makes it possible to efficiently remove water from one plot of land to another below. Water can also be collected in another structure. Find out everything there is to know

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