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How to naturally disinfect a home?

We live in a world increasingly focused on health and hygiene, and building on that to keep your home clean and healthy is a priority. But did you know that there are natural and safe ways to disinfect your home? In this article, we will look at how to disinfect a home in a natural way, using environmentally friendly and affordable products

How to decontaminate your attic (attic)?

After a long rainy season, it is common to observe homes that have moisture problems. This then leads to contamination of the house or attic with asbestos and mold. When you stay exposed to these elements for too long, you end up contracting various diseases. It therefore becomes important to immediately proceed to their elimination as soon as you notice their presence.

What are the different products that are effective against mold?

Fungi appearing in wet areas, molds are plant species that must be disposed of very early. The fact is that they are very dangerous. There are several anti-mold products, but they are not all equal in terms of effectiveness. At Groupe Enviro Santé Québec, we use several anti-mold repellents, some of which are listed below. Hotrega anti-mold cleaner Hotrega anti-mould provides long-term

How to fight against asbestos?

Asbestos is an umbrella term for a variety of fibrous minerals that are durable, resistant to heat and corrosion. Today, asbestos is considered a dangerous and carcinogenic product. Its intensive use in the past has had serious consequences for health and the environment. The health risks associated with asbestos are increasingly recognized, and many countries have taken steps to combat the use

What exposure to asbestos is dangerous?

Asbestos has long been used as thermal and acoustic insulation in homes. Today, this fiber, which can be dangerous, is still present in some homes. Thus, several people are still confronted with this product. The fiber contained in several minerals presents enormous health risks, which are usually caused by cleaning, repair, renovation, etc. asbestos equipment. The presence of contaminated materials is also

How to decontaminate mold?

One of the fears of homeowners is to see mold settle in their homes. These are plant organisms that are very dangerous to health. The main cause of mold appearance is moisture. If you see these microscopic fungal particles in your home, react immediately. Groupe Environnement Santé Québec shows you how to carry out mold decontamination. Identify the source of mold To

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