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What is the role of a drain?

Having your land soggy or water in your basement is not an easy situation. To solve these problems, there are many ways. One of these means is the French drain. This device makes it possible to efficiently remove water from one plot of land to another below. Water can also be collected in another structure. Find out everything there is to know

Mold decontamination

Mold decontamination in the attic, attic and basement If you own a home, it's likely that you'll end up with a mold problem. If this is the case, there is no point in panicking. Of course, this problem should not be taken lightly either! Just know that this is a situation that affects many homeowners and can be easily resolved when

Water infiltration in the basement

What to do in case of water infiltration in the basement? If you are worried about your property due to water infiltration in the basement, these tips will be very useful. This will let you know exactly what to do and who to contact. This will allow you to take the appropriate steps to protect your home and your investment. In doing

Mold test

Mold test It's time to clarify a common question about mold testing: what's the difference between a mold test and an air quality test? It's no surprise that so many people are confused. After all, both types of tests are used to detect and diagnose mold problems. However, they each have their own peculiarities, and one of the tests is more revealing

Sewer backup

Sewer backup What to do after a sewer backup has occurred in your home? If you compare the frustrations of a flooded basement to those of a backlit sewer, the sewer would probably win by the tip of the nose! Backing up a sewer is not a pleasant task, given the foul smell and the potentially hazardous materials to your health. Wastewater

Asbestos coating

Removal of asbestos coating from pipes and ducts In old houses built between the late 1920s and late 1970s, it is common to find asbestos cladding on boiler pipes and ducts. If your home was built during this time, you may find some even if the house or property has been renovated. If the basement is finished, it may be that the

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