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Montreal mold decontamination

Montreal an old city. Some buildings are already several hundred years old, Montreal mold decontamination may be necessary, water gradually infiltrates and for several years molds and fungi can be created. In the walls of the foundation or the roof it is not uncommon to see several types of fungi and mold. The important thing is simply to carry out tests year after year, in order to validate that there is no propagation or infiltration. Being pro-active can save you tens of thousands of dollars, with a Montreal mold decontamination test follower, GESQ is committed to keeping your home, house, condo healthy for you and your family.

Already after several years of GESQ expertise, it is recognizing, decontaminating, removing all types of fungi and mold and thus you get comfort and health 12 months a year in your home.

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We run mold detection tests, usually you have many questions and we will be there to explain and answer you. It is important to deal with a professional for this test. First, know that it is not always necessary to do mold tests at least once a year; sometimes there are so many in an easily accessible area that you can easily spot it. Other times, however, mold is hidden in hard-to-reach places, such as interior walls, under carpets and in crawl spaces.

What are the reasons for doing a mold test and mold decontamination?


There are a number of reasons why you may need to test your home, but here are a few things that could put you on the spot.

You smell a musty smell in the house

Your house was recently flooded

You discover mold in an area of ​​the house

You or another family member has symptoms of mold-related health problems, such as chronic sinus infections, chronic sore throat, frequent headaches, coughing, wheezing, rashes, or unexplained hives; or incomprehensible fatigue.

You will likely want your home tested for mold if you or another family member has a health problem that can be aggravated by exposure to mold, such as asthma, severe environmental allergies, respiratory or immune system disorders.

You suspect there is hidden mold in your home, but you can’t find it.

Professional mold testing and mold decontamination


Mold is a potential risk for all homeowners, a risk that affects the health of the whole family. Put your worries aside by having your house checked every year by spanking a mold test!

In fact, most of the professionals performing mold tests are engineers trained to handle such tests competently and seriously in order to guarantee accurate results. In addition, they also know which places should be inspected for any signs of mold. Their tests can tell you what type (s) of mold is growing in your home, useful information for your doctor to work out the best treatment plan for if it causes you health problems. A certified mold checker can also tell you about the expected and safe levels of mold in your home and clearly explain which ones apply to your situation.

In general, your home should be tested annually by an expert to avoid health and financial problems for you and your family. Because of this, it is advisable to seek professional help to conduct additional mold tests, especially if you are not sure whether all the mold has been located in your home or if you have any related health problems. .

Be on the lookout and have your home tested against mold decontamination in Montreal.

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