After a long rainy season, it is common to observe homes that have moisture problems. This then leads to contamination of the house or attic with asbestos and mold. When you stay exposed to these elements for too long, you end up contracting various diseases. It therefore becomes important to immediately proceed to their elimination as soon as you notice their presence. Here is a very simple way to decontaminate your attic.

Call a recognized specialist

The decontamination of the attic is a meticulous job that requires know-how. For this reason, it is best to deal with a recognized specialist like GESQ. We are a team of experts in asbestos and mold decontamination. Thanks to our professionalism and our long year of experience, we guarantee homeowners to sanitize their attic while taking the necessary measures. Throughout Montreal, we make ourselves available to anyone wishing to rid their home of algae or fungi that may be present in the attic.

In addition to offering you quality work, we always act in such a way that it is good to live at your home after our intervention. In this way, you will no longer have to worry about the presence of asbeste or any other harmful substance. First of all, we perform an air test to know the degree of asbestos in your attic and attic. After which we take the necessary measures to remove all infectious parasites from the house. We follow a rigorous process. This ensures everyone’s safety. We also make sure to prevent future asbestos or mold problems that could reappear.

As a result, we are your only asset to solve this kind of problem.

Reasons why mold is found in attics

There are several reasons why mold contaminates your attic. This toxic element is in your premises because of a leak that comes from the roof or windows. On the other hand, this set of tiny fungi makes its appearance when the living spaces of a house are poorly ventilated. Indeed, poor oxygenation of the bathroom or kitchen can lead to such a complication.

In this circumstance, moist and warm air from these rooms rises to the attic, mixing with the cold air present there in winter. This fusion causes the proliferation of mold on the walls and other surfaces of the attic. The presence of leaks under the shingles can also be the cause of this problem. In addition, when a home does not have good insulation, in this case, mold will also appear inside the attic.

Steps to decontaminate the attic

To remove mold in attics, it is possible to clean them yourself. But this is not enough to eliminate them professionally. In reality, for their disappearance to be effective, it is first necessary to solve the problem of humidity in the room. Therefore, the first thing to do is to correct the leak in the roof, windows or shingles as well as the ventilation problem. After carrying out this work, we can begin the decontamination of the attic. In case the room is used as a storage area, it is important to check each contents of the boxes to confirm the presence or absence of mold.

If some containers are affected by mold, then we throw them in the trash. The objects attacked by mold are then cleaned by us. Even if we do not notice any traces of musty and we smell its smell, we carry out a complete cleaning. While we are doing the attic decontamination, no one should access the room. We therefore keep it closed throughout the remediation process. With the intention of preventing a new appearance of this toxic substance, we apply mold inhibitory solutions to the attic sheath.

In view of all the above, for the decontamination of your attic, call on the services of
. Located in the Greater Montreal area, we serve all walks of life and remain available for any disinfection of your attic. Our work is mainly carried out in five stages. First, we identify a possible moisture problem that we solve immediately. Then we secure the affected area and remove the contaminated materials. At the end of the day, we clean up the mold and dry it properly.


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