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Whether it is a sale or a rental of a house, it is important for the tenant or the buyer to unequivocally enjoy the property to which he comes into possession. Indeed, it must be carried out on the building, technical examinations in order to repair all hidden defects. Whether it’s your home or workplace, it’s essential to carry out regular decontamination to keep your ambient air healthy. To this end, GESQ provides the residents of Saint-Colomban with its expertise in the decontamination of asbestos, mold and vermiculite.

Asbestos analysis in Saint-Colomban

First of all, it is important to remember the danger that asbestos represents for human health. Indeed, asbestos is a material that had the wind in its sails in the 50s to 80s. It was a material widely used in construction and renovation work. But in 2016, this material is banned in Canada because of these adverse health effects. In fact, asbestos contains fibres that, when inhaled, can expose humans to serious lung diseases.

That is why it is essential to carry out the analysis of this product in your home. In Saint-Colomban,the competence of a certified professional such as GESQis required in the sampling of insulating materials in specific areas.

Mold analysis in Saint-Colomban

Mold is a danger to human health. Many people suffer from the flu, lung infections that are due to mold present in their immediate environment. It should be noted, however, that not everyone reacts in the same way to exposure to harmful spores. The more you expose yourself to this substance, the more serious the risk of disease becomes. To combat mold, it is advisable to frequently clean places prone to moisture. You can also ventilate all the rooms in your home.

In addition, harmful fungi spread very quickly when your home offers them moisture, warm and poorly ventilated spaces. It is possible that you will get rid of mold, but it depends on the material on which it is located. Hold on, it’s easy for you to remove mold on a concrete wall than on a wood. On the wood, these harmful fungi encrust themselves all the way inside to a place where you won’t even notice them. This is why it is recommended to call on GESQ professionals to perform air tests even when you do not see mold in your home.

Asbestos air test in Saint-Colomban

During renovations or construction work, the materials that are used usually contain asbestos. These particles are invisible to the naked eye and are particularly dangerous for humans. The only way to ensure their presence is to perform an asbestos air test. It is this test that makes it possible to accurately determine the level of asbestos present in the air and its degree of threat to your well-being. In the Laurentian region, we are the best company able to provide you with a quality and efficient service. Our experts equipped with a pump with membrane filter remove the different asbestos fibers that they can then analyze in the laboratory.

Mold air test in Saint-Colomban

Like asbestos, mold releases harmful substances like mycotoxins. Molds are like micro fungi almost invisible to the naked eye. When they end up in a humid environment or an environment that has sufferedflooding,they multiply exponentially. Inhaling toxic mold spores can cause you sore throat, headache, cough, rum,etc. Unpleasant odors, blackish or greenish spots and small curls are the signs of the presence of mold in your home. Very often it is when there is a high concentration of these molds that you can smell the smells. Only an air test can allow you to be sure of their presence in your home.

To perform the air test, our experts use impaction samplers, cassette samples and suspended particle collectors, among other things. These tools make it possible to collect spores so that they can be analyzed in our well-equipped laboratory. With such a test, you have the certainty of the presence or not of mold in your environment.

Vermiculite in Saint-Colomban

Also called zonolite, vermiculite is a mineral that has the colors silver-gold and gray-brown. This one is brilliant in its natural state. Generally used as insulation because it contains excellent insulation properties, vermiculite does not even burn at a high temperature. It is a material that does not pose a danger to human health itself, but some vermiculite insulation contains asbestos particles. Inhaling them can cause you lung cancer, mesothelioma, etc. It is then essential to carry out vermiculite decontamination. To do this, it is necessary to refrain from moving the insulations in order to prevent the spread of asbestos in the air. This is a very delicate operation that requires the know-how of experts like Gesq.

Asbestos and mold decontamination in Saint-Colomban

It is very important to perform the asbestos air test because it allows you to prevent the risk of disease. When the test is performed, the asbestos in the air must then be removed. You will then be able to live in a healthy environment. Asbestos decontamination leads the GESQ professional in Saint-Colomban to confirm the presence of asbestos on your building first. Once this step is over, our specialists will secure the premises and then they will decontaminate the asbestos air. Finally, tests are again carried out on the surrounding air to ensure work efficiency. Mold decontamination is also done according to the standards in force in order to preserve the integrity of your building as well as your health.

Decontamination of vinyl tiles that may contain asbestos in Saint-Colomban

There are many building materials that contain asbestos. This is the case of vinyl tile. Care must therefore be taken to decontaminate them safely. Our experts who are in Saint-Colomban make sure to detect and rid this toxic product of your coatings, plasters on wooden slats, coatings, etc. Their intervention is prompt to avoid any intoxication related to breathing.

Attic mold and attic in Saint-Colomban

Mold doesn’t spare any place in your home. In fact, the attic and attic are spaces that are conducive to moisture. Therefore, special attention must be paid to these parts. In reality, the presence of mold in your home leads to risks to your health and that of your loved ones in the long run, such as allergies and irritation of the lining of the respiratory tract. The consequences are also felt on your property: the weakening of the roof, etc. To avoid these inconveniences in Saint-Colomban, we are your best alternative.

Decontamination of animal excrement in the attic in Colomban

The attic of your home are privileged places for certain animals such as rodents and birds. And when they elect their home there, you should expect to see droppings. After which come diseases like salmonellosis and cryptococcosis. It is essential to protect yourself from these dangers by asking for our expertise. We make sure to decontaminate your attic of these pollutants.