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Most homeowners highly fear asbestoscontamination, vermiculites and mold. Logically, because they represent a permanent danger that can occur at any time. It is therefore essential to undertake urgent decontamination when faced with these situations. However, it is not always clear where to turn a head to find a provider that can deliver this type of service effectively, as many companies offer services in the field in Canada. In any case, don’t be seduced by advertisements extolling the merits of one company or decrying another. In this article, we offer you a round-up on the steps to be taken in the direction of a successful decontamination.

Asbestos decontamination: what you need to know

The use of asbestos materials is prohibited in some countries, including Canada, but in one way or another, it can end up in your home. If so, you are in serious danger. In other words, asbestos is a material with a very high level of toxicity,it distills fibers in the ambient air, which can be easily inhaled and spread into the lung tissue. And when that happens, the victim may suffer from respiratory problems and lung cancer.

Unfortunately, it is difficult, if not impossible, to detect the presence of asbestos in your home with the naked eye. If you use construction equipment, appliances or even clothing dating from 1940 to 1980,the risks will obviously be higher. It would therefore be appropriate to use a real estate diagnostician to confirm or disprove your doubts. If the result is positive, you should contact a professional, including a decontamination and sanitation expert, to obtain asbestos removal.

In order for the work to be done in accord with the rules of the art, you must select your professional based on his experience and reputation in the field. You can also look at your budget, but be aware that the general rates for this type of work in Canada are about $10,000 for small houses. This tariff takes into account the price of the equipment used in the work, the products and equipment put in place to protect the people in charge of the operation, the acquisition of new materials…

Everything you need to know about vermiculite decontamination

Vermiculite is a material used in the context of house construction or renovation. It was the first material of choice in Canada in the 1990s, especially Zonolite,a vermiculite renowned for its great insulationperformance. Over time, real estate decontamination experts have discovered a substance harmful to human health.

Indeed, vermiculite contains asbestos, which is no longer to be presented in terms of dangerousness. It can cause asbestosis,chronic cough… Unfortunately, asbestos in vermiculite can be found everywhere in a home, especially in walls, attic, asbestostiles, coatings, asbestos stucco… especially if your habitat was built before this material was banned from use.

In any case, to have a clear heart, it would be useful for you to ask a real estate diagnostic specialist to detect the presence of vermiculite in your home. After that, you can get effective decontamination from the relevant companies in the field. They are available in large numbers in Canada. You only have to take into account a few relevant criteria to find the right professional.

Above all, avoid low rates and favour good value for money, while remaining in the logic of expenses generally incurred in this type of work. In short, remember that vermiculite decontamination is a crucial step for the health of the inhabitants of a house, but also very decisive in the process of resale of the house. Most Canadian real estate buyers are particularly demanding in relation to this.

Mould decontamination: what to do

Mold usually attacks flooring and building materials. Their cause is related to humidity and, if necessary, they can dangerously affect the health of the inhabitants of a house. They can get respiratory diseases,a cold, d’asthmeasthma … There are many victims of mould contamination in Canada every year, as this country is characterized by particularly wet seasons. As such, if you are faced with this type of contamination, you must take the right steps and urgently.

Use a decontamination specialist

In Canada, you will find a large number of companies or individuals specializing in mold decontamination. All you need to do is contact a well-knownprovider with a good reputation to submit what you expect from them. Never consider decontamination mold by your own skills. Indeed, this is a rather delicate task and only decontamination specialists have the know-how to carry it out. By decontaminating your home yourself, you are exposing yourself to many hazards that could endanger your health. So using a specialist is the only way to benefit from quality services in line with your most demanding needs.

Make sure your professional is insured

The decontamination professional you have chosen must be the beneficiary of any risk insurance in his field of activity. You should always check this aspect before entrusting the work. All in all, this condition remains essential to prevent possible inconveniences related to the decontamination of your real estate.

Check the proposed rates.

To get mold decontamination in Canada, you will have to pay between $200 and $600. dollars Some providers may offer to pay more if the work to be done is over a large area or requires specific requirements.

In short, decontamination of your real estate is an ideal solution to protect you from the inconvenience that mold, asbestos and vermiculites can cause to your health and property. So don’t hesitate to contact a decontamination professional to benefit from his expertise in the field.

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