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Comprehensive disinfection services in Montreal

For several years, the Montreal-based company GESQ has specialized in the decontamination of sites that have suffered disasters such as water damage or fire damage. In addition to these services, this structure also offers various other quality services, including the disinfection of homes, offices and businesses. So if you’re looking for professionals who can quickly and efficiently disinfect your home or business, you’ll just have to turn to this structure. Here’s all the information about the disinfection services this company can offer you.

GESQ, an undisputed leader in cleaning and disinfection

Providing the best services to its customers is the main objective of the Montreal-based GESQ company. In order to achieve its goal, this decontamination company has developed state-of-the-art material resources. Likewise, the members of his team are all qualified and serious professionals who are available at any time. These experts will be able to make rapid interventions when they are contacted as a response.

Are you facing water, fire or smoke damage? Contact this company

For a quick and efficient riding of damage, it is essential to intervene without delay in the event of a disaster. This is one of the reasons why this decontamination company has taken care to build up a team composed solely of experts who keep themselves available at all times, even on public holidays and weekends. To get them involved, a phone call is enough. Once the call is over, the company’s professionals will determine without delay the most appropriate procedure to follow and will quickly go to the scene. In order to be able to relieve customers, these professionals also contact their insurers in order to settle with them the various administrative or even technical details related to their intervention.

Ensuring customer satisfaction is a priority for GESQ

In terms of cleaning work after a disaster, GESQ remains one of the references in Montreal. It owes its excellent reputation to various factors namely: proven methods over the years, qualified personnel and cutting-edge expertise. Regardless of the nature of a claim, this structure will therefore be able to offer the most appropriate services. So you can trust him in case of flooding, water damage, drama or even damage caused by smoke or fire. Of course, each type of disaster requires a very specific intervention. To do this, the professionals of this company offer a diversified range of services including the cleaning of fragile surfaces or fabrics, renovation, or the neutralization of odors.

What disinfection services does this company offer to individuals and businesses?

In addition to post-disaster clean-up, GESQ also provides services to businesses and individuals for the disinfection of offices and housing. You can therefore count on the experts of this structure for decontamination and sterilization or the large cleaning of your establishment or residence. In addition, to minimize the risk of contamination to viruses such as Covid 19, this company can also ensure the complete disinfection of all your offices. The Covid19 virus actually spreads quite easily, through respiratory droplets from an infected person to another person with whom close contacts may have been established. This virus can also survive on various surfaces. On the other hand, it is possible to destroy it on these surfaces thanks to disinfectants and cleaners. To limit the spread of such a virus within your business or home, you can therefore contact the experts of GESQ.

In this case, cleaning products as well as specific disinfectants are used. During office cleaning, the company’s professionals also take the time to carefully wipe out surfaces that are frequently touched by the public. These include:

  • Elevator buttons
  • Door handles Countertops
  • Light switches
  • Keyboard or touch screen surfaces
  • Handrails Toilet handles.
Cleaning products used during the disinfection of homes and businesses also contain chemical agents that allow the effective elimination of germs. In addition, these products are only applied once the affected surfaces have been cleaned. You can therefore confidently contact this company to limit the risk of the spread of this virus both at home and in your company’s offices.

GESQ therefore offers companies and individuals a variety of services that meet their requirements. To access the services that this structure offers or even to obtain details of its services, just contact it by phone. You will then get quick answers, because customer satisfaction remains the main objective of this company.