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Attic mold, attic mold, basement mold

High humidity, poor insulation, lack of ventilation, these are the most common causes of mold in a home. The accumulation of snow and ice, strong winds or rainfall are bad weather that can cause damage to your roof and attic. Mold formation is usually found in places that lack ventilation such as basements, attics, laundry rooms and also in walls where there has probably been water infiltration through the roof or due to damaged pipes.

Mold is also very common in the attic. Indeed, your attic can be subject to poor ventilation at the level of the soffits, and this then causes condensation in your attic. They are often created by water infiltration or water vapor. This is a fairly common phenomenon. But, it is important to quickly spot the presence of mold so that you can treat it. In general, the presence of mold is manifested by: unpleasant odors, mold, soil or alcohol; black spots on walls, ceilings and carpets; gondolas at the level of the walls.

Why do mold decontamination?


Mold is very harmful to health. The spores present in mold cause many health problems for the occupants. They can cause allergies or breathing difficulties. In addition, without decontamination, you may have to deal with structural problems with a collapse of your attic. That is why it is important to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Vermiculite attic,vermiculite between roof

Used since the 60s in American homes, vermiculite is part of the category of mineral insulation. Particularly economical, it is generally used for the insulation of attic, attic, floors or the attic. It is simple to implement even in the most difficult to access areas. This insulation material is rot-proof, non-combustible and stable.
It also enjoys a very high thermal resistance. Despite its performance in terms of insulation, this material still raises some controversy, especially regarding the hazardous materials that constitute it such as asbestos. If your attic or the attic of your home is insulated with vermiculite, it is important to have the insulation tested and carry out an attic decontamination and an inter-roof decontamination.

Vermiculite and health

According to some studies, vermiculite may contain natural traces of asbestos. As long as this insulation remains well in the walls, protected from touch, it is not a real problem. However, if the contaminated vermiculite is moved, it releases (invisible) asbestos fibres into the air, which, when inhaled, lodge in the lungs and can cause long-term lung or lung cancer.

Why is it important to use professionals specialized in decontamination?

It is not recommended to touch mold at the risk of polluting the quality of your air or aggravating its effects. If you plan to carry out renovation work or simply get rid of contaminants, it is essential to contact a professional for more safety and meticulous work. Indeed, the risk here is self-contamination, especially if you do not have the right protective equipment. Simply call on our professionals who will come to inspect your attic and attic. They are qualified to carry out tests to determine the dangerousness of this product. At the end of the tests, appropriate measures will be taken to remove any contaminants. Our decontamination service operates according to established protocols and in compliance with hygiene and safety standards. The service has the necessary tools and equipment to carry out decontamination in easily accessible areas as well as in restricted areas. Once the decontamination is done, our professionals will proceed to the application of effective and sustainable antimicrobial treatments. An experienced team is waiting for you.