Decontamination of animal excrement — Montréal, North Shore, South Shore (QC)2021-07-05T13:16:05-04:00

Decontamination of animal excrement — Montréal, North Shore, South Shore (QC)

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Decontamination of animal excrement

Animal feces are particularly harmful to health and well-being. Apart from the smell that can be really unpleasant, these feces can shelter parasites that will multiply in large numbers, to infest your home and make you sick. Whether it is raccoon feces, bats and even pigeons, it is urgent to resort to effective solutions to decontaminate your home.

Our decontamination services are especially effective to clean your home and get rid of animal feces harmful to your health. Discover the scope of our services.

Animal excrement: what are the risks to your health?

Whether it’s raccoons, bats or pigeons, animal feces can be particularly harmful to your health.

Health risks associated with raccoons droppings

Raccoons can be carriers of two diseases, including: roundworm and leptospirosis. If raccoons infected with roundworms end up in your home, they endanger both humans and animals.

Indeed, raccoons with roundworms can evacuate millions of eggs of these parasites per day, to the point of invading your home. These eggs pose a real threat if ingested or inhaled. They are responsible for the disease called larva migrans, which can lead to death.

So do not take the risk of cleaning them yourself, especially if these droppings are in large quantities. A decontamination team would be more suitable for safe cleaning without risk to you or your pets.

Health risks related to the feces of bats and pigeons

Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease, which can be easily found in contaminated soil or water. By urinating here and there, raccoons disperse this dangerous bacteria in your home, putting you and your family at risk. Indeed, this bacterium can cause liver failure, kidney damage and in some cases lead to death.

As for the bat, its feces may contain microscopic fungi responsible for histoplasmosis in humans. It is a respiratory disease that is transmitted by inhaling fungal spores found in bat guano. These fungal spores can also be found in the droppings of some birds.

Finally, pigeon droppings can transmit several diseases. These include chlamydia, cryptococcosis, salmonellosis, Newcastle disease and avian influenza. This means that the need to decontaminate one’s home in the presence of excrement from these animals is not only urgent, but absolutely essential for health.

Our animal excrement decontamination services – Montreal, North Shore, South Shore (QC)

We specialize in cleaning and decontamination excrement of rodents and various animals that can intrude into your home, including raccoons, bats and pigeons.

Decontamination service animal excrement

Our decontamination services guarantee you a safe cleaning of all animal droppings, as well as a parasitic decontamination, to make your home healthy and habitable.

The whole thing starts from an evaluation. By contacting our services for a decontamination of your home, an assessment will be made in the first place to assess the extent of the damage. Thus, appropriate solutions will be considered in order to remedy them effectively.

A free estimate is then offered to you taking into account the work to be carried out and the special treatment required. We have professional equipment for an effective, secure and discreet intervention in Montreal, North Shore, South Shore (QC).

Before decontamination, extermination must be carried out. Otherwise decontamination serves absolutely no purpose. If these animals are still present or can still have access to your home, the deposit of droppings may be replenished very quickly, thus making a new decontamination necessary.

Also after decontamination, it is recommended to resort to caulking, to prevent any future intrusion of animals, whether raccoons, bats or pigeons.

Decontamination of excrement in attics or between-roofs

Our company is perfectly qualified and experienced in the decontamination excrement of attics or between-roofs. These are places par excellence where animal droppings pile up due to the confinement of the premises, and the starting point of a generalized infestation.

In addition to air pollution, this waste can harm the health of the occupants of a house. So do not risk contamination by trying to clean them on your own, without the appropriate equipment or the required expertise.

Our professionals are well trained and will be able to provide relevant solutions to all your animal excrement problems in Montreal, North Shore, South Shore (QC).

A professional and efficient service for your complete satisfaction

Contact GESQ to enjoy exceptional service that meets your expectations. Your complete satisfaction is our highest priority. Our decontamination services ensure an efficient cleaning of your home, attic or roof-in-between, if this service has not been taken into account by your previous provider.

In addition, by contacting GESQ for the extermination of pests from your home as well as caulking, the decontamination service will be systematically carried out by our exterminators. Using GESQ’s services means choosing professionalism and efficiency for your greatest satisfaction.

Animal excrement is waste that must be treated through a well-defined process. Vacuuming and moping will not be enough to decontaminate your home. Opt for a relevant solution, using the services of GESQ. Qualified and experienced professionals are available anywhere in Montreal, North Shore, South Shore (QC) for a diligent management of all your concerns.

Contact GESQ today and enjoy the best decontamination service for animal excrement or insect extermination, discreetly.


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