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Disinfection and preventative cleaning – Restaurants in Montreal

The removal of germs, the disinfection of contamination sites and the cleaning of offices, toilets, doors, cars or slaughterhouses are all services that our company offers to customers. In response to the worldwide flood of deaths, it has been scrupulously recommended to avoid crowded places such as restaurants.

As decontamination specialists in Montreal, we provide the city’s restaurants with a disinfection and preventative cleaning service that meets current standards.

A team of professionals serving restaurants

Our cleaning company is present in Montreal and is involved in the cleaning of buildings, houses, public places, parking, etc. Today, the situation has changed. The coronavirus pandemic has infected many of the world’s population. Restaurants that are the preferred meeting places for many people are virtually forbidden. Within our company, this pandemic is not the first we face. Our team of professionals has been fully trained and prepared to respond aggressively to these types of situations. We have experience in this area. Our employees who have graduated from the major training centres in the industry know how to use the equipment and products recommended to overcome any type of infection and virus.

As a prelude to the end of the epidemic and the resumption of commercial activities, our company is quick to intervene with restaurants by spraying and disinfecting food outlets. It is a public health measure that is recommended. Thousands of infected people were able to take by these restaurants and left traces. To avoid a resurgence of the pandemic after the suspension of containment, restaurant companies can trust us to take care of the preventive cleaning of their restaurants.

The preventive disinfection procedure for restaurants

Our standard is listening to customers 24 hours a day especially in this time of Covid 19. Generally, there is a guard agent so that the client does not fall on the answering machine. Restaurant owners can therefore ask us at all times for a quick response. Especially during this pandemic period, we reassure you that our agents take the utmost precautions to prevent your employees and our agents from becoming more likely to become infected again.

Therefore, before any intervention, our customer service always inquires about the type of intervention requested. When the client reports a case of Covid19 infection, we apply the curative disinfection procedure. However, when no declaration of contamination to Covid 19 is not mentioned by the restaurant manager, we apply the preventive disinfection procedure. Nor does it mean that no one has been infected in these places. The latter option is strictly speaking a minimisation of the risk of contamination. Restaurants are highly frequented places, with wrists, tables, kitchen utensils, table cover, storage stores, refrigerators, places or animal holding cages, all places and objects to be disinfected and cleaned. The purpose of disinfection and preventive cleaning is basically to make these restaurants healthy before the business resumes. For preventive disinfection, we usually intervene within 48 hours of your call. Once there, we install the necessary equipment and secure the area with a no-entry sign. The disinfection time can last 1 hour 30 minutes or more.

We use approved disinfection products and equipment

Covid19, however dangerous, is systematically disintegrated in contact with most disinfectants. However, it is a professional job not to be taken lightly. Our teams in restaurants spray every nook and crany of restaurants with their equipment to make sure the virus doesn’t survive. To do this, cleaning protocols must be done in accordance with EN14776 or EN14777 standards established to prevent any risk of a resurgence of the disease.

Our technicians are well equipped with virucid disinfectant products that meet EPA standards. We have sprayers, microfiber mop to clean disinfected parts and surfaces. We also go to restaurants with MOP with which we clean the floor. Our agents protect themselves with gloves and masks and leave with contaminated objects buried in a rectangular bucket with airtight closure. To ensure the effectiveness of disinfection, we use theDAZOTM fluorescent marker which in the current context is the best tool to control the hygiene of your environment.

In Montreal, we are the only company at the forefront of new disinfection and cleaning processes and products. Our rates are the best on the market and we charge you on the basis of a quote generated free of charge proportional to the surface to be disinfected.