Asbestos has long been used as thermal and acoustic insulation in homes. Today, this fiber, which can be dangerous, is still present in some homes. Thus, several people are still confronted with this product. The fiber contained in several minerals presents enormous health risks, which are usually caused by cleaning, repair, renovation, etc. asbestos equipment. The presence of contaminated materials is also a risk factor. Faced with this threat, a question nags the mind, that of the impacts of such an exposure. However, there are a few ways to curb this danger. To this end, your Montreal mold and asbestos decontamination agency will accompany you.

What are the conditions that put you at risk?

Taking into account the phasing out of contaminated product companies, workers are less exposed than a few years ago. However, the risk remains, especially in a few sectors of activity or for certain works. Indeed, workers who work in the construction field (repair, demolition, maintenance, etc.) are practically the most likely to get sick. In fact, by doing these types of work, you are moving the asbestos and scattering the toxin in the air if you have no concept of it.

In addition, the disintegration of certain materials formerly used (asbestos tile, asbestos coating) has led to a general exhibition in recent years. These materials contain, in reality, asbestos fibers and their improper handling without any precautions lead to disorders related to the product.

Moreover, the precise assessment of these dangers is not always easy because of the plurality of infected materials present in buildings and technical furniture. However, people who are not in direct contact with this fibre (passively exposed) are less likely to contract product-related conditions. GESQ, our decontamination agency is at your disposal to give you the necessary advice to avoid this danger as much as possible.

The dangers faced by people exposed to asbestos?

There are several types of asbestos fibers that unfortunately, are all harmful. Crocidolites (blue asbestos) are the most worrying. By the way, these are very discreet (thin), but long elements. Asbestos fibers are able to reach your lungs and create significant damage when you breathe them in. In addition, they are tough particles that are able to stay in the body and create several traumas to your body. However, raw asbestos is not itself a concern. The problem arises when the fibers spread freely through the air. Thus, a poor quality asbestos product can lead to the spread of fibers in nature. Similarly, during house work (e.g. renovation), you can also spread these harmful fibers into the air. The impact of this article depends on several factors. These include:

  • The number of particles inhaled;
  • The virulence of exposure;
  • The duration and amplitude of exposure;
  • The type and shape of the particles inhaled;
  • The age of the victim;

In addition, the disorders created by the toxin are of different types. It may or may not be a cancerous condition. Conditions such as asbestosis, pulmonary fibrosis (non-cancerous), mesothelioma or lung cancer are the most common.

As for non-cancerous conditions created by asbestos, they usually manifest as sclerosis, respiratory failure, etc. Cancer diseases often affect the lung, larynx, pericardium…

However, the harmful effects of asbestos are not felt automatically when you have been exposed. Indeed, the appearance of the first signs of disease can occur 20 to 40 years after exposure. When you have been in sudden contact with a large amount of asbestos, it is important to consult a doctor promptly. The latter will accompany you for the sanitary measures to adopt in order to eliminate the asbestos fibers that have contaminated you.

Call on professionals for the decontamination of your buildings

With an exceptional experience, our GESQ agency has been striving for many years to make your spaces healthy. We have adequate professionals who will get rid of the asbestos you have on your premises while preventing the fibers from polluting the air. Located in Montreal and the surrounding area, we provide you with experts who can provide you with advice to reduce the risk of contamination. We are one of the largest decontamination structures and our services inspire confidence in many respects.