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It is not good to have elements such as asbestos, vermiculite, mold and fungi in your environment. These are pollutants that harm your health and that of your loved ones. In the town of Rosemère in Canada, many homes are affected by these phenomena. As a result, you must clean up your environment by using Gesq, the decontamination professional in this municipality and in the Montreal and Montérégie regions.

Asbestos analysis in Rosemère

It consists of assessing the quality of the air you breathe in inside your home. This diagnosis takes into account 4 kinds of analyzes namely:

Asbestos analysis before work: its purpose is to limit the contact of workers with asbestos dust and is carried out in several stages including:

  • Control of the presence of asbestos substances in certain materials;
  • Backup and disclosure of data;
  • The location of flocking and insulation;
  • Taking corrective action on elements that may contain asbestos.

Pre-sale analysis: it concerns only habitable houses for sale. Mainly, only vermiculite and a few other elements (insulation, hot water duct, ovens, electrical wiring, incinerators and chimneys, asbestos-cement wall panels…) are examined.

Asbestos analysis of primitive parts: it consists in identifying materials with asbestos fibers, but only concerns the private rooms of homes and annexes. And the latter must have been built with a permit dated July1, 1997.

The asbestos technical file: this last step consists of gathering all the results of the asbestos analysis and showing them to the buyers or future occupants of the dwelling.

Mold analysis in Rosemère

This is the second service we offer in the town of Rosemère. Mold is naturally unpleasant and carries enormous risks for the body. For example, when you inhale a certain amount of dust from harmful fungi, it can give rise to several serious respiratory diseases. Hence the importance of regularly performing mold tests, especially when your home is in an area subject toflooding. The success of this work depends on the professionalism of the inspectors. And at Gesq Montréal-Laval,you can be sure to fall for experts with state-of-the-art work tools.

Asbestos air test in Rosemère

This is one of the most delicate operations we carry out in Rosemère. This test allows us to accurately determine the quality of the air you breathe in the rooms of your home. This test is important after renovation work or whenever you are victims of a flood. Or when you have performed tasks consisting of removing vermiculite. You can rely on our twenty years of experience in this field to offer you a reliable asbestos air testing service at a competitive price.

Rosemère Mold Air Test

The mold air test is essential for all residential homes located in Rosemère or the Lower Laurentians. Indeed, this region is subject to sewerwater backups. This makes the houses subject to moisture. As a result, mold can develop leading to chronic illness when you breathe air containing mold germs. To avoid this, entrust the mold air testing work to our team. And you will benefit from the best services in this area.

Vermiculite à Rosemère

Vermiculite is a construction material that is safe. Only, it can produce asbestos when it is decaying. And when that happens, it pollutes the ambient air. That is why we must invite our experts who will be responsible for identifying and assessing the threats generated by vermiculite.

Gesq staff promises asbestos removal in accordance with current standards.

Asbestos and mold decontamination in Rosemère

Here, you are entitled to two types of decontamination: human decontamination and dry decontamination. At Rosemère we offer home disinfection services to put an end to all mold threats. Remember that these toxic fungi grow through flooding, sewer backup, etc.

In addition, if you want to know how to dry your home after a disaster, contact gesq. We also take the opportunity to repair cracks in foundation walls and other mold-prone areas.

Finally, we carry out disinfection operations of your home.

Decontamination of vinyl tile that may contain asbestos in Rosemère

Vinyl tiles are sometimes found in significant amounts of asbestos dust. So you also need to decontaminate them. We have been able to achieve great performance in terms of vinyl tile decontaminations that may have asbestos during our two decades of activity in the Laurentian region. You will not regret asking us for this type of service.

Attic and attic mold in Rosemère

Mold easily attacks attics and attics. First, as far as attics are concerned, they are attracted by the lack of ventilation in this place, by leaks from the roof or windows, and by the degradation of attic vermiculite coupled with the reduction of insulation. We effectively solve this type of problem in Rosemère.

Secondly, the appearance of mold in attics is due to plants, water and some organic matter. For this type of decontamination operation between the inside,you can also trust us.

Decontamination of animal excrement in the attic in Rosemère

Air tests are not only used to detect the presence of mold and asbestos in your living environment. They can also be used to confirm infestations of animals such as rats and birds. The feces of these animals are a source of diseases: cryptococcosis, etc. In Rosemère, this state of affairs can be observed in the attic of houses. If you notice the presence of these substances, simply contact us. We also have solutions to this kind of situation.