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Being at home is the concern of every human being. But it is clear that inside homes, this goal may not be achieved, because you are exposed to dangers. In reality, there are components likeasbestos and mold that are harmful to humans. In Morin-Heights,most of the houses that are built in the 90s are not spared. To remedy this state of affairs, you must contact specialists such as gesq. Here, their testing and decontamination service is impeccable.

Asbestos analysis in Morin-Heights

In reality, asbestos is a component that is present in many materialsused in construction. Moreover, the use of these kinds of materials is already prohibited more than twenty years ago.

In order to have a clear idea about the condition of your home or office, our company offers its services. We have the skills to carry out a careful analysis of building materials. This is necessary in order to detect the presence of asbestos and proceed with its removal.

Mold analysis in Morin-Heights

One of the consequences offlooding in the Laurentian region is the appearance of mold. In reality, tiny fungi usually grow in damp places and places that are not easily accessible to light. These molds emit allergenic elements that cause health concerns to vulnerable people (seniors and young people).

To secure your home in the city of Morin-Heights,our company is happy to disinfect the premises by performing a mold analysis. Do not forget that in this municipality we are the best equipped to accompany you in such situations.

Asbestos air test in Morin-Heights

For your safety and that of your family, you are called to live in good sanitary conditions. However, sometimes the air you breathe is infected with asbestos. And in these kinds of situations, you are exposed to many diseases like lung cancer.

GesQ, which operates throughout the Laurentians area, in this case in the municipality of Morin-Heights,is willing to conduct an air test in order to know precisely how much asbestos fiber is in the air.

Mold air test in Morin-Heights

Following sewer backups and a water overflow, your home is likely to receive mold. It is about elements responsible for eye irritation, cough, etc. in the occupants. On the other hand, this state of affairs can lead to water damage cracks in your walls.

To do this, GESQ offers its services in Morin-Heights. In other words, we carry out mold air tests and ensure their removal in a professional manner.

Vermiculite in Morin-Heights

Vermiculite is a non-offensive substance to health except when in contact with asbestos. In this case, you are at the mercy of many diseases such as lung cancer, asbestosis and others.

The only solution is to get rid of all these toxic substances. But it is not advisable to carry out this operation yourself. From now on, in Morin-Heights,our company will be able to bring you its expertise in this area.

Asbestos and mold decontamination in Morin-Heights

Following the purchase or rental of an apartment, it is important to take certain precautions before any development.

First, it is important to carry out analyses to check if the environment is favorable to you. This is what generally justifies the asbestos and mold diagnoses carried out in Morin-Heights by our company.

Subsequently, we offer home disinfection and decontamination services before your integration in order to preserve your health.

Decontamination of vinyl tile that may contain asbestos in Morin-Heights

Vinyl tiles are items that may contain asbestos. As a result, your Morin-Heights home no longer offers you security. When the tests reveal the present of asbestos in your environment, you must get rid of these tiles. After which serious decontamination work must be carried out. It’s about removing toxic dust from your living space. In this regard, our team is expert in this type of operation.

Attic and atticmold in Morin-Heights

During periods of humidity, some microbes grow at a remarkable speed in your attic and attic. This is obviously mold. This is why the maintenance of your home and especially your attic and attic must remain a priority.

Our company does not skimp on the means to dry your home. In addition, you can call us for help to disinfect and clean your home preventively.

Decontamination of animal excrement in the attic in Morin-Heights

The attic of your home in Morin-Heights can become a refuge for some animals. As a result, these intruders leave feces in this space. This can cause you diseases of all kinds: liver failure, etc.

Therefore, a cleaning of the premises is necessary to avoid the proliferation of pathogens. Our know-how in the decontamination of animal excrementwill be of great use to you.

In conclusion, Gesq is the benchmark for testing and decontaminating anything that can make you sick at home or in your workplace.