Mold and asbestos are dangers for our body. It is important to detect and eliminate them. To do this, the air test is essential. Find out in this article what an air test is and when to perform it.

How to spot asbestos in your home?

It is almost impossible to detect asbestos-containing materials with the naked eye. According to the legislation, a minimum of nine air tests of the same material must be carried out in many places to ensure the absence of asbestos. Generally, it is following a renovation project involving the demolition of certain parts of a house that we can ensure the presence of asbestos in the walls.

The different types of materials that may contain asbestos

Asbestos can be found in different materials. However, it is often found in:

  • plasters and wall finishes;
  • vermiculite;
  • refractory panels;
  • the insulating envelope found in the boiler rooms of the oldest residences.

In addition, asbestos can also be found in hundreds of other materials. A complete characterization carried out by a
professional specialized in asbestos
, according to the rules of the art is the only way to validate his present.

Types of buildings at risk

According to the legislation, it is possible to find asbestos in buildings until 1990. In practice, few problematic constructions existed after 1980. On the other hand, all buildings that were built before 1970 present great risks.

The dangers associated with the presence of asbestos in our homes

First, be reassured, because asbestos present in materials in good condition does not necessarily represent a danger. Asbestos fibers are released into the air during demolition work and especially when asbestos-containing materials are cut and hammered. Its harmful effects on health are comparable to those of cigarettes.

The risk factor is much greater in terms of exposure, duration and intensity. A person who crosses a construction site where asbestos fibers are present is not necessarily exposed to the same risks as the worker who demolishes the plaster partitions eight times a day. Like cigarettes, diseases develop small and over many years. If you suspect the presence of asbestos in your home, it is best to call a professional for the removal of asbestos from your home.

Air test: when to perform it?

Mould and asbestos are a health risk. Indeed, excessive humidity as well as mold promote the increase of health problems such as:

  • irritation of the eyes, nose and throat;
  • cough and phlegm;
  • breathing and shortness of breath;
  • asthma symptoms
  • allergic reactions.

If you regularly have these diseases, they may be caused by mold and asbestos. So you need to do a residential disinfection to get rid of this dirt.

To check for contamination, it is important to use an air quality test. It lasts about two to three hours and must be performed by a chemist or microbiologist. A complete report from the specialist with his recommendations for mold decontamination work is also essential.

Air test: what does it consist of?

The air quality test is a visual inspection performed by a chemist and is mainly looking for visible fungal growth or excessive humidity levels. To check the humidity level, the mold decontamination professional uses the hygrometer.

Then, at least two tests must be performed: one outside (the control) and one inside the house (one test per floor). The witness will make it possible to make a comparison of the results of the air tests carried out inside the building.

Finally, the industrial disinfection professional must perform two surface tests. This type of test is generally used for certain types of mold that emit very few spores. This makes it difficult to interpret the results by means of air tests.

In addition, it is important to know that an air test is only valid for one floor. Thus, the decontamination specialist may also recommend a second air or surface test.

What services does GESQ provide?

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It is also involved in the post-disaster as well as the carrying out of asbestos and air tests. Choose GESQ for all your decontamination services in Quebec and Laval.