Having your land soggy or water in your basement is not an easy situation. To solve these problems, there are many ways. One of these means is the French drain. This device makes it possible to efficiently remove water from one plot of land to another below. Water can also be collected in another structure. Find out everything there is to know about the French drain.

The usefulness of the French drain

Water flow is from the highest to the lowest levels. Better, the waters prefer to take the simplest paths. Therefore, when a house finds itself on the path of water flow, it is flooded depending on the volume of water.

Water usually flows to the foundations of buildings. That’s why the French drain is useful. It will be used for home foundation drainage. In other words, the role of the house drain is to remove water from the surroundings of the foundations. This makes it possible to send him to places where his presence will not be a source of problems.

It is essential to have a French drain near a retaining wall. In this way, the water that will descend from the highest levels will not be able to stagnate against the wall. The latter will retain its solidity. The drainage pipe must be laid on the same foundation of the retaining wall.

General operation of a French drain Montreal

The principle of operation of a French drain is quite simple. Indeed, it will be a question of digging a significantly inclined trench (1 inch for 8 feet). The inclination is in the direction of the water receptacle.

Then the trench is filled with round gravel. Finally, there is a pipe in the trench. It is through this pipe that the water will flow.

After flowing partly on the gravel of the trench, the water enters the pipe. The flow of water into the pipe is free. It will then flow into the street or one of the following places:

  • area located at a lower altitude than that of the house;
  • drainage ditch;
  • dry well…

The goal here is not to direct the water to a place where it will also be a danger. This will need to be taken care of when laying the inner peripheral drain.

Types of drains

On the market, there is a diversity of French drains. The choice of the type of drain depends on the particularities of your home.

The horizontal French drain is particularly suitable for removing surface water present in the house or behind a wall. The device will be installed around the house as well as upstream of the land that you plan to keep dry.

If your property is subject to a presence of water in the basement, the most indicated device is the interior French drain. It is also called insole drain. The French drain installer Laval will install this drain model on the entire perimeter of the property. The device will have the function of intercepting water before it reaches the walls of the house or fence.

When should a French drain be installed?

The installation of a peripheral drainage device house on crawl space can become a necessity in several situations. The first situation is when water stagnates on the surface in your home. In this case, your lawn is soggy.

The second situation that requires the installation of this device is the infiltration of water into the basement. In this situation, it will be necessary to install a drain that will prevent water from reaching the foundation of the house.

The third reason for installing a French drain is the construction of a retaining wall.

Who to call for a French drain?

To have a Montreal drain installed, it is necessary to use a professional. If your home is located in Or near Quebec, you must contact GESQ. We have been experts for years in asbestos decontamination, but also in the installation of French drains.

Once the house drainage quote has been validated by you, we intervene on the site as quickly as possible. The reason for our speed is that we know that a house invaded by water is a fragile construction. Its structure is in danger.

All the work of laying drains on the south shore and throughout Quebec begins with a diagnosis of the site. This allows us to know what type of French drain is suitable for the property. This ensures the durability of the structure, we will show you how to maintain a foundation drain.