Molds are microorganisms found in nature that can be found anywhere in your home. When they develop significantly, they lead to real health problems.

Are you facing this problem in your attic or attic and are you looking for solutions to eradicate it? In this article you will find tips and tricks to achieve this.

Identify and resolve the moisture problem

First of all, the presence of mold is mainly caused by a high level ofhumidity. Combined with poor ventlation, roof leakage or poor insulation, the consequences can be dramatic.

Taking the case of the ventilation system for example, when the latter is poorly installed, it can raise hot and humid air from the kitchen and bathrooms to the attic. Mixed with the colder air in the attic, this warm, moist air creates a condensation problem, which can lead to mold formation.

The main thing would therefore be to attack the source of moisture and correct it. In addition, it is not easy to realize in time the presence of mold or excessive moisture. However, signs such as the presence of black or greenish spots testify to this.

Contain the area and take precautions

Once the ventilation system has been improved or the leak on the roof has been corrected, you can now begin theremovalprocess.

However, you must remove the objects from the attic, if the latter is of course used asstoragespace. Similarly, the boxes and their contents will have to be inspected to check whether or not there is mold.

Therefore, it is advisable to close the mold decontamination area, so that no one else can access it during the procedure. This measure allows vulnerable people such as asthmatics, allergy sufferers and children to expose themselves unnecessarily to mold.

To protect yourself, you can wear goggles and dust masks. Apart from these tools, it is also recommended to make use of rubber gloves.

Dry the premises

The moisture problem, however, can be more important than a simple leak on the roof. It can be downright damage and the first thing to do in this case would be todry upthe premises. The wet rooms in this case the attic will all have to be dried.

For this purpose, the mold removal process will normally begin one or two days later. In fact, you must evacuate the moisture by using a dehumidifier and ventilate the rooms, again this concerns minimal damage.

If the damage in your attic is significant, call on the decontamination services of a professional. Elimination is not just about identifying the problem and taking precautions.

Treating mold

Mold treatment consists of a complete cleaning of the infected attic section. To do this, several techniques are used with the use of scraper beforehand.

Baking soda

Baking soda, a perfect ally for scrubbing burnt pans, can also be used to perform residential disinfection or industrial disinfection. To use it against traces of mold, you must first turn it into paste by adding water to it.

Secondly, you will have to apply the resulting paste on the side of the attic and rub it with a brush, you can let it act for 10 minutes and rinse.

White vinegar

First tip, just like baking soda, white vinegar can help you clean traces of mold, soak a sponge in white vinegar and then rub the stains.

The second is to dilute the white vinegar in water and place everything in a vaporizer. You can then sprinkle the mold, let the vinegar act and wipe with a cloth.


Fighting mold with mold tests are effective, regularly call on a professional who will detect potential problems.

Fighting excess moisture

To combat excess moisture in your home, you can follow certain guidelines. First, you can operate the fans when cooking food, showering or bathing.

Apart from this point, you can also use a moisture absorber. The latter will contribute to the reduction of the level of humidity in your damp rooms.

Ventilate properly

Proper ventilation is the other way to prevent mold in your home. Thus, you can open the windows if necessary in order to ventilate the house. It is also possible that the ventilation system or air exchanger is not running. Then make sure that they are working properly.

In short, controlling the humidity of your home is the basis of mold removal. This aspect prevents mold from appearing again.