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Asbestos analysis in materials

For many years, asbestos has been used in various forms in the construction of various buildings. The aging and alteration of these buildings, as well as the development work that can be carried out there, are likely to release asbestos into the air, which represents a potential danger to residents. An analysis of materials by asbestos decontamination experts is then required for

Removing mould from the attic

The attic is one of the most common areas for mold growth, and most people don't find out until they try to sell their home, improve their insulation and be informed by the building inspector or insulation installer. We can help you by safely removing mold from the attic and correcting the source of the cause permanently and guaranteedly. Discharge certificates and

Identify and remove nefast fibres in your building

  A base of scientific analyzes Using our affiliated laboratories specializing in contaminant analysis, we sample and analyze the air to detect the presence of mold or asbestos, materials such as vermiculite, and all materials. likely to contain asbestos. For social housing renovation projects (Accès-logis program), the City of Montreal requires that the presence of asbestos be first documented and that

5 Steps to Proper Mold Removal

Mold has had its 15 minutes of fame over the last few years. Though the hype has died down, mold—and mold remediation—in homes is still an important issue. Customer complaints require home builders to have a fast action plan, both to clean up the mold problem and to show customers that a quality home builder (you) is looking out for their health and safety

Crack water damage

Repairing cracks in foundation walls If you have a crack in your foundation walls, nothing better than fixing it right now. Over time, structural damage will continue to worsen and become increasingly costly and complicated. By solving the problem from the start, you will save considerable money, time and inconvenience afterwards. Repairing a house with a damaged foundation can be done

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