Asbestos refers to a set of fibrous minerals that occur naturally in rocks. These are sustainable fibres. They are resistant to all temperatures and even fire. These properties of asbestos make it a component of choice used in the manufacture of building materials. Unfortunately, this fiber can end up in the air and be inhaled. From then on, it becomes a health threat. Because of this, its use is prohibited, but the risk of being exposed remains. It is therefore necessary to detect its sources in the house in order to take appropriate measures.

Asbestos in the house: what are the elements that could contain it?

In a house, objects that can contain asbestos are diverse. Here is a table gathering several probable sources of this mineral fiber.

Insulating · blown, loose, friable insulation;

· soundproofing tiles;

· acoustic asbestos tile ;

· soffit panel;

· subfloor membrane;

· putty around windows;

· sound-absorbing ceiling.

Electrical network · power outlet and switch box;

· insulation on electrical wires;

· main electrical panel;

· fuse box;

· Lighting fixture holder.

Coating & Covering · wall cladding;

· ceiling cladding;

· linoleum leaves;

· vinyl tiles and tiles;

· coating adhesives;

· exterior cladding.

Plumbing · Insulation on pipes

· Asbestos-cement gutter

Appliances · central heater;

· water heater;

· fireplace, wood stove.


What to do in the presence of asbestos?

A priori, asbestos is not a health hazard as long as it is trapped in a material. If a material contains asbestos but does not release it into the air, there is no real danger of the presence of this fiber in the structure of the house. There is a problem when this fiber ends up in the air. It endangers the health of all those who live in its environment.

Friable materials containing asbestos release this mineral into the air. It is the same for an asbestos tile in poor condition.

If a material that contains this fiber is handled, there is a good chance that the asbestos will be released. Indeed, by sawing this material or piercing it, you cause the release of asbestos. The amount of fiber released into the air depends on the type of material being handled. So you understand that you should not sand an asbestos coating or drill a hole through it if you are not a professional. You should also regularly check if asbestos products are not being degraded.

Steps to take before a home renovation

Before renovation, it is essential to ensure that the dwelling does not contain asbestos. To ensure this, a visual inspection of the building is necessary. It is obvious that you cannot detect the presence of this fiber in your home. So, it is better to entrust this inspection to professionals.

Expert in asbestos decontamination in Montreal, GESQ environmental group Quebec offers its inspection services to detect the presence of this silicate in homes. We have a laboratory specialized in materials analysis.

Although the ideal is to do a professional inspection of the materials of the house, you do not have to. Also in case of doubt, handle the product in the same way as if it contained this fiber. In addition, there are recommendations for the use of the material. Read them carefully to follow them.

Entrust the renovation work to a qualified company

When, after inspecting the building, the results show that there is asbestos in the materials, do not carry out the renovation work on your own. It is recommended to entrust them to a company experienced in work of this kind.

With its experience in this field, the company will carry out the renovation work by taking all the necessary precautions not to release asbestos into the air. He will handle the asbestos coating carefully. Thus, the risks of you inhaling asbestos fibers will be greatly reduced.

Precautions to take when buying a home

Before proceeding with the acquisition of a property, require the seller to have the results of asbestos inspection carried out on the building. Before selling a home, the owner must complete a Declaration form. This document includes questions about the presence of asbestos insulation materials in the home. One of the most widely used insulation products is vermiculite. The latter is present in nature in association with asbestos.

Moreover, if you want to know more about the presence of asbestos in a home to better protect yourself, contact Gesq.