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Homemade air test

Air test and mold inspections   Taking air samples during a mold inspection is important for several reasons. Mold spores are not visible to the naked eye and only laboratory analysis can identify the type of mold in question. Having samples analyzed is also helpful in demonstrating the extent and severity of a mold problem, as well as in assessing human

Home decontamination

Home decontamination for the effective elimination of all types of situations If you or a family member is experiencing breathing problems, migraines, throat or skin irritation, this may be an indication that contaminants have entered your home. In addition to health issues, you may have detected foul smells or sooty stains. You could improve your quality of life and give your

Asbestos materials

Materials which may contain asbestos   Asbestos is the generic name for a number of mineral fibers found in rock formations. Due to its strength, durability and fire resistance, asbestos has already been used in construction and other industries. In addition, it has been added to various products, notably in the manufacture of insulation and ceiling tiles. Asbestos is often mixed

Asbestos tile

safe removal and decontamination   First of all, are you sure there is asbestos in your floor tiles? Make sure your vinyl floor is actually coated with asbestos, not all vinyl floors contain this material. Take a soil sample and have it analyzed, the cost is minimal. On the other hand, if you decide not to check for asbestos in your

Asbestos coating

Removal of asbestos coating on pipes and conduits In old houses built between the late 1920s and the late 1970s, it is common to find asbestos cladding on boiler pipes and conduits. If your house was built during this period, you may find it even if the house or property has been renovated. If the basement is finished, the asbestos covering

Mold decontamination

Decontamination of molds in the attic, attic and basement If you’re a home owner, you’re likely to have a mold problem. If so, there is no point in panicking. Of course, this problem should not be taken lightly either! Just be aware that this is a situation that affects many homeowners and can be easily resolved when the right steps are

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