When renovating or buying an old home or commercial building in the Greater Montreal area, homeowners and investors are often concerned about air testing. The idea is to identify the presence or absence of asbestos in the walls. Indeed, this mineral of natural origin has small layers of fibers that can become a real danger to health. This article invites you to discover useful information about homemade asbestos and asbestos decontamination.

How to identify the presence of homemade asbestos?

Whether in industry or in a residence, it is difficult, if not impossible, to identify asbestos-contaminated materials with the naked eye. Moreover, the legislation provides for up to 9 asbestos tests to be carried out in several places of a building to ensure the absence of this mineral. Very often, it is during a renovation involving major work or demolition that the presence of asbestos can be identified after carrying out air tests.

In general, asbestos is found in different materials namely: vermiculite, plasters and refractory panels. Note that this natural mineral can also be found in hundreds of other materials. This is the case, for example, of the boiler rooms of old residences.

What are the dangers associated with the presence of homemade asbestos?

Contrary to what some people think, asbestos does not necessarily represent a danger when it is in good condition. It becomes dangerous when the fibers it contains are released into the air during demolition work. In this case, its potential health effects are comparable to the dangers of smoking.

It should be noted, however, that the magnitude of these effects depends essentially on the duration of exposure. For example, a person who simply walks through a construction site where the air is contaminated with asbestos fibers does not present the same level of risk as a worker who spends 5 hours a day on a plaster partition demolition site. Similarly, the risk is higher in a family who lives in a house where asbestos-containing materials are in poor condition. If you suspect the presence of asbestos in your home, the best would be to quickly contact an expert to carry out asbestos removal.

Professional asbestos decontamination in Montreal


Does your residence in the Greater Montreal area predate the 1980s? It is very likely that it contains asbestos. Indeed, this natural mineral was heavily used in those years. Globally, the province of Quebec is recognized as a major producer of asbestos. It is therefore not surprising to find traces of this product in homes.

Contrary to what some people think, asbestos decontamination is a delicate operation. It requires the intervention of a professional specialized in the field of asbestos removal. Thanks to his know-how, he can help you quickly disinfect your home to restore air quality. Whether for residential disinfection or for industrial disinfection, only an asbestos professional can offer you a quick and well done job.

Why use our company?

The presence of asbestos in a house can have a significant impact on the inhabitants. For example, long exposure to air contaminated with this mineral can cause respiratory complications. If nothing is done as soon as possible, the problem can escalate and cause death. To avoid getting to this point, it is strongly recommended to call on a specialized company to carry out asbestos decontamination.

With more than 10 years of experience in asbestos removal, GESQ is one of the key players in asbestos decontamination. Whether it is a Laval decontamination or a Quebec decontamination, you can count on our expertise and speed for a fast work that is also of irreproachable quality.

We have dynamic teams capable of intervening on a timely basis on construction sites of all sizes. Note that the size of the teams depends on different factors namely: the extent of the contamination, the amount of contaminated material to be removed and the speed at which you want the work to be done. Depending on your case, a team of two to five experts can come to your home. Note that we also intervene for mold decontamination.

By entrusting us with your site, you are sure to enjoy the best services at the best prices. Indeed, our asbestos decontamination experts are able to take care of all the work. Once on site, we first carry out air tests to identify the origin of the contamination.

Depending on the amount of asbestos in the walls and the different materials, we apply the best method of decontamination after securing your home. Finally, we put contaminated waste in sealed transport containers to transport it to its place of treatment. Do not hesitate to contact us!