A base of scientific analyzes

Using our affiliated laboratories specializing in contaminant analysis, we sample and analyze the air to detect the presence of mold or asbestos, materials such as vermiculite, and all materials. likely to contain asbestos. For social housing renovation projects (Accès-logis program), the City of Montreal requires that the presence of asbestos be first documented and that any material containing asbestos be removed during the renovation work. For example, sawing, drilling, cutting, sanding, sanding or breaking materials containing asbestos releases a variable amount of asbestos fibers into the air, depending on the nature of the work. If you suspect mold or materials containing asbestos in your house or in your business building?

Studying asbestos fibers

For this type of test, although the concentration of breathable asbestos fibers established under the Act respecting occupational health and safety (less than 0.01 fibers / cm3) does not necessarily have to be respected (since workers wear personal protective equipment), inspectors from the CNESST (formerly CSST) closely monitor the concentration of total fibers in the air in the work area to ensure that the contractor exercises adequate control over the ‘fiber emission during the work, in order to protect the health and safety of workers (and indirectly, that of the occupants). Following the final 4-hour test, in the event that the amount of total fibers exceeds the concentration established under the Act respecting occupational health and safety (the concentration must be less than 0.01 fiber / cm3), we will We will therefore recommend a second test which consists in counting the respirable asbestos fibers by means of a transmission electron microscope in order to check whether the aforementioned concentration is respected. Asbestos dismantling, Asbestos decontamination, Defining of floor materials, brick finish, mold removal, concrete breaking, building decontamination,

What about mold?

So, whether it is to get rid of mold or a variety of products containing asbestos (or any other hazardous materials), contact our specialists and let us help you. When demolishing a recent home, it is common practice to avoid demolishing more than is necessary to do a good job. However, they can still affect the air quality of a house and harm the health of its occupants.

What material during your interventions?

Basically, asbestos removal professionals must wear protection kits consisting of a combination of masks, a pair of gloves, safety boots, a pair of glasses, etc. During their intervention, the protective masks to be used in this frame must be equipped with a system of assisted ventilation, they must be sophisticated enough to allow workers to breathe clean air during the work. The presence of contaminated vermiculite in your home can cause a health risk as it may contain asbestos fibers!