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We will provide you with all the required information in order to better understand the situation and find a solution.

Eviro-Health Group Quebec’s mission is to offer you a healthy environment for peace of mind

We are driven with everything we do, without compromising promptness. Given our accreditations, rest assured that you can trust us, our analysis and our conclusions. It’s never been that easy to get rid of undesirable elements.

Air analysis - Molds

Mold spores that are present in the air can weaken your immune system and increase your vulnerability to viruses and the bacteria around you. Take charge of your health!

Air analysis - Asbestos

Don't let asbestos particles ruin your health. Have your air tested in order to identify the source and quantity of asbestos in your environment. Learn how to eliminate it from your everyday life!

Molds - Sampling

Think you might have mold on your walls, in your fridge or in your ventilation system? We’re here to reassure you and provide information related to the results and possible solutions.

Asbestos - Sampling

Whether it’s for plasterboard, cement board, plaster or vermiculite, we’re equipped to take samples from materials prone to contain asbestos in your environment. Our detailed report will provide the analysis results and suggestions for an action plan.

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